INNOVATIVE PROCEDURAL PACK for treatment of muscle tissues during opening phases and for SOFT SKELETONIZATION in spine pathologies.

This procedure allows the surgeon to adopt a gentle dissection technique of muscle lodges, using special tools: SKELETIZATION LEVERS and GAUZES ROLL.

Skeletonization levers

Two spine skeletonization levers, in Polysulfone, allow to perform the rotation of GAUZE ROLL and the muscles lateral divarication, up to the point of insertion of pedicle screws.

Gauzes Roll

Gauzes Roll
Hydrophilic cylindrical gauze in pure cotton with barium radiopaque wire (useful for their traceability), is available in different diameters: 1.5 and 2 cm long and 5, 7 and 10 cm.
Perform tissues dissection and limit bleeding during skeletonization, with greater convenience and lower mechanical traumatism.

Treatment of muscle tissues


The soft skeletonization technique is an evolution of the traditional one. You will need a dedicated training to learn all innovative elements.
This training will be held in excellence centers and we will release a qualification certificate.



The technique calls for the use of two levers that operate in an indirect way on the paravertebral muscles through the GAUZES ROLL.

GAUZES ROLL play to detach paravertebral muscles from the medial bone surface, from bones spinous processes and from the lower bone surface: and so from the laminae and articular processes.

You have to create a sufficient space above the cylindrical gauze, insert another gauze and begin again with the reciprocating movement of the levers.

Surgical technique

Treatment of muscle tissues


  1. Minimum damage of the muscles with an electric scalpel (only on muscle insertions)
  2. Minimum damage of muscle vessels
  3. Direct muscular plane disconnection, through the cylindrical gauze


  1. Reduced bleeding due to buffers of GAUZE ROLL both by absorption and compression
  2. "CLEAN" Surgery
  3. Reduction of surgical time (to reduce hemostasis)
  4. Reducing of Infection risk: directly proportional to the reduced electric necrotizing tissue


  1. Minimum use of transfusion
  2. Reduced use of pain medication (reduction of muscle damage on nociceptors)
  3. Rapid functional recovery (return to walking in 24h)
  4. Reduction of hospitalization days

This new way to approaching the paravertebral muscular surface is certainly a minimally invasive surgery.

The mini-invasiveness is not just a small cut, but the less invasiveness in respect of all the anatomical structures involved, especially of muscle fascia that currently suffers of painful and functional outcomes and possible permanent injuries.

The gentle and indirect approach on muscle mass, that is separated from bone surface without the use of aggressive cutting tools, represents an innovative surgery technique.
The progressive muscle detachment, through the use of GAUZES ROLL, also avoids a continuous use of electric scalpel and protects from necrotic scar formation, coated to superficial surfaces and to the deep ones.