Our first step on the market

logo VER SAN & Dafne

Ver San & Dafne was established in 1990 and began its business in the medical market as the exclusive distributor of Bard® in Veneto.

From the start, thanks to the professionalism of its team, it was appreciated by the market for the care with which it offered promotional services, achieving a strong national impact.

Innovations and transformations

In 1998 Bard® distribution ended. A new commercial age was starting and creativity, passion and innovative attitudes became the guiding elements.
Ver San developed some collaborative projects in Cardiology and Radiology (JOMED®), in radiofrequency (RITA®), in Oral care (SAGE®), in Orthopaedics (ARTHRORCARE®) and in Oncology (BAXTER®).

New Partnership

In 2000 the territorial business was widen over the Triveneto and implemented new partnerships with BOLTON® of Thoracic Stent Graft; with USE® and TAEWOONG® in Endoscopy.

High-Tech products

logo DMD

In 2004 Ver San began the waste-treatment in health care for Legionella with WATER TECHNOLOGY, this led to the creation of a new green economy unit, DMD in 2009.


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In 2009 a national distribution of LANX®, a revolutionary system for Spinal Surgery, started.
We are achieving amazing results.

New cutting edge techniques


In 2011, Ver San became Medical Device producer, patenting a system for the minimally invasive spine surgery approach, called MISS'U.

In 2012, Ver San established a partnership with Treviso Tissue Bank to provide an educational service of the Human Amniotic Membranes MIMEDX®, on national territory.

Take a look to the future

In 2014 we implemented our presence in biological business with the diffusion of an exclusive Cellgraft® System for the harvesting & grafting fat tissue, through Body-Jet® WAL technology.